Cosmetic Dentistry

Though keeping your smile healthy is our focus at Premier Dental, your friendly Bordentown, NJ dentist wants your smile to be beautiful too with cosmetic dentistry. After all, having a great-looking smile can make you feel pretty great about yourself! It boosts your self-confidence and helps you make an outstanding first impression. Dr. Hema Gopal will make you achieve your best version of smile since she’s one of the trusted dentists in Bordentown, NJ, because she was interviewed on The Wellness Hour for WMCN TV.

Our Bordentown, NJ dentist office offers multiple cosmetic dentistry services, including:

  • Dental veneers
  • Teeth whitening treatments
  • Six Month Smiles
  • Teeth contouring and crown lengthening
  • Tooth bonding

For a smile that is as beautiful as it is healthy, call Premier Dental at 609-949-5115.

Dental Veneers

At Premier Dental, we offer you a choice of traditional porcelain dental veneers or thinner veneers called Lumineers. Both can be used to cover a wide variety of cosmetic flaws like:

  • Chips
  • Minor cracks
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Discoloration

While porcelain has long been the standard for dental veneers, little to no preparation of your teeth is required for Lumineers. And unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers are completely reversible.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

If a whiter, brighter smile is your goal, Premier Dental offers teeth whitening treatments from respected brand KöR. Our professional team can give you a treatment in our Bordentown, NJ dentist office, or you can choose to do teeth whitening treatments in your own home.

Six Month Smiles

For straightening teeth, Premier Dental offers a short-term orthodontics treatment called Six Month Smiles. It’s an especially great option for adults because it uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires. No more unsightly metal!

Teeth Contouring And Crown Lengthening

You may need to have more tooth surface exposed for cosmetic appeal or to make it easier for us to perform a restorative service like a dental crown. In many cases, Bordentown, NJ dentist Dr. Hema Gopal can painlessly perform the procedure using an electronic device to remove gum tissue. She can also contour an oddly shaped tooth or too-long tooth so that it blends in better with your smile.

If a more invasive procedure is required, we can keep you comfortable with local anesthesia. And our caring team is great at relieving dental anxiety!

Tooth Bonding

Top-notch Bordentown, NJ dentist Dr. Hema Gopal can carefully apply a sturdy, tooth-colored resin material to your teeth to cover minor cosmetic imperfections like chips or discoloration. It is one of our most cost-effective cosmetic dentistry procedures.

For more information on how our cosmetic dentistry services can boost your smile, call your trusted Bordentown, NJ dentist, Dr. Hema Gopal at Premier Dental at 609-949-5115. Or use our online form.

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