Dental Implants

Premier Dental offers dental implants as a great long-term solution for missing teeth. Trusted Bordentown, NJ dentist Dr. Hema Gopal loves how much implant dentistry improve her patients’ lives, and she wants them to benefit you, too!

Implants are actually replacement tooth roots that anchor dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. It’s a relatively simple procedure that provides you with strong, natural-looking teeth. You’ll be proud to smile and can enjoy foods that may have been difficult to eat before.

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How Dental Implants Work

If you’re missing one or many teeth, chances are a dental implant will be perfect for returning your smile to normal.

We’ll meet with you at our Bordentown, NJ office together with Dr. Hema Gopal to discuss dental implants and perform an examination of your mouth. This will be easy, fast, and informative! Bordentown, NJ dentist Dr. Gopal will use an intraoral camera so you can actually see images of your mouth on a monitor.

From there, we’ll determine if your jaw is strong enough to support the implant. Sometimes if a tooth has been missing for too long, the bone in the jaw becomes too weak to handle them. We’ll use digital X-rays to get an excellent look at your mouth so we can be certain you’re a good dental implant candidate.

If you have a damaged tooth or teeth that need to be extracted, we will go over the procedure and schedule it as well.

If you’re a good candidate for dental implants, we’ll gently place them into your jaw so they can actually fuse to your bone. Then, we’ll create beautiful replacement teeth and attach them to the implants.

Choosing The Right Dental Implants For You

The implant options we offer include:

  • Single Tooth Implants – We can use individual dental implants and dental crowns to replace a single missing tooth and replenish your smile. Even having one implant placed can prevent bone loss that would occur if you left the tooth missing!
  • Multi-Tooth Implants – Multiple teeth can also be replaced using implant-supported bridges or dentures.
  • Full-Mouth Reconstructions – If all your teeth need to be replaced, we can place dental implants instead of traditional removable dentures!

Keeping You Comfortable While Receiving Your Dental Implants

We’ll start by making sure your mouth is completely numb so you don’t feel any pain.

We don’t want dental anxiety to stand in the way of you receiving your new smile, so our caring staff will also be on-hand to provide you with anything you need!

While your dental implants are being placed, you can listen to music on our headphones or flip around on one of our TVs (which we provide in each care room).

Discover How Much Dental Implants Can Help You Smile!

Call Premier Dental today at 609-949-5115 so Bordentown, NJ dentist Dr. Hema Gopal can fill you in on dental implants. You can also fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. It’s time to enjoy a beautiful, fully functioning smile again! Dr. Hema Gopal is one of the pioneer dentists in Bordentown, NJ that’s why she was interviewed on The Wellness Hour for WMCN TV for her rewarding services.

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